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HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset +7.1 review: Priced at Rs 6490, the Cloud Core 7.1 is compatible with both PC and gaming consoles, comes with a solid metal headband, supports surround sound and a USB amp for controlling volume. But, is it worth spending on? Let’s find out.  


HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset +7.1 review: Gaming has really taken off in India in the last few years. The rise of the gaming community has also led to an increased demand of accessories. And, there are very few who dedicatedly cater to this specifically. One these manufacturers HyperX, a gaming brand from Kingston recently launched its new gaming headset: HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset +7.1.

Priced at Rs 6490, the Cloud Core 7.1 is compatible with both PC and gaming consoles, comes with a solid metal headband, supports surround sound and a USB amp for controlling volume. But, is it worth spending on? Let’s find out.

HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset +7.1 review: Design

Just like the previous Stinger series, the Cloud Core 7.1 is also the typical gaming headset with a loud design language and several elements that appeal to the targeted segment. It sports a metal hinge which looks solid and assures you about the quality and durability of the headset. The neckband has a thick cushioning and is comfortable to wear.

One of the first things that would catch your eye are the fairly big earcups, both of which flaunt the HyperX branding at the back. They logo makes the headset look trendy. The earpads are well cushioned and comfortable as well. HyperX has manged to keep the clamping force under control which means the headset neither fees too tight, nor too loose.

At the bottom of one of the earcups, you get a 3.5mm headphone jack which can used to connect the detachable microphone that comes as part of the retail package.

The only two things you need to consider here are that the earpads are not detachable or replaceable. This is very common at this price segment but gamers often prefer to customize their accessories and may want to factor this in while making the buying decision. The other thing is that at the end of the day this is a pair of wired headphones a category which is fast dying. If you can spend more, you find wireless options as well.


However, there is no denying that the fact that the build quality is really impressive for the price.

HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset +7.1 review: Audio Performance

HyperX has claimed that the ability to detach the microphone allows this headset to double up as a personal audio device for streaming content or attending video conferences. Yet, the primary job remains to deliver good audio output while gaming. On the PC, I tested the headphones while playing Forza Horizon 4 and FarCry. In both the games, the headset did a good job of balancing music and sound effects.

While there was not much to complain about on PC, I had a mixed experience on PlayStation 4. Yes, still waiting on PS5. The headsets managed to do a great job in third person game like The Last of US II where apart from a few action sequences, you get very balanced audio output. The sound of enemy footsteps approaching or an object being move could be clearly heard.

All these aspects will come handy for those seeking advantage over other gamers in strategic titles. The headset gets really loud at full volume which could be annoying at times but if you keep the sound under check, even music comes out well. This was evident while playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales where every sequences or dialogue is followed by great background score.

Two areas where the headset the slightly disappointed was while playing with other gamers online and running sports games. In the first case, there were frequent lags and stutters which led to delayed exchange of dialogues, often ruining the experience. The headsets also failed to provide clear separation between commentary and stadium noise in FIFA 21.

A potential buyer might find comfort in the fact that Cloud Core 7.1 is more than capable of playing music or streaming content with as impressive audio output as any other headphone in this segment.

HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset +7.1 review: Extra Features

The HyperX Cloud Core 7.1 doesn't come with any software support which limits what you can do with the headset. For example, there is no option to adjust the EQ settings or even change the game profile. This means that your entirely dependent on the tuning for the audio output.

However, there is an option to switch to 7.1 surround sound which slightly elevates your gaming experience. The USB remote control also allows you to adjust volume and microphone levels. There’s a mute slider on the controller as well.


The problem is the moment you plug in the remote, you will be dealing with multiple wires which can be a pain-point for many.

HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset +7.1 review: Verdict

The HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset +7.1 can be the ideal accessory for those who have just started gaming and are looking for entry-level products. It is a sturdy headset which covers all bases like good sound quality, long-hour comfort and a microphone. You will anyway not find too many options at the price point that offer both 3.5mm jack and USB connectivity.

However, pushing the budget slightly can help you grab a slightly advanced wireless headset which is more suited with the times.


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