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India Today has obtained the remand report in the brutal and public honour killing of Nagaraju, a Dalit man, in Hyderabad on May 4. It states that the accused, Nagaraju’s brother-in-law, Mubeen, had been tracking the deceased and that the murder was pre-meditated.

The Hyderabad Police’s remand report of the accused in the brutal and public honour killing of Nagaraju, a Dalit man, says that the accused used spyware to track and locate the victim. The report also states that the murder was pre-planned.

Nagaraju, a 25-year-old Dalit man, was killed in front of his wife, Syed Ashrin Sultana (aka Pallavi), in Hyderabad's Saroornagar on May 4. His brother-in-law, Syed Mubeen Ahmed, is the main accused. He murdered Nagaraju because he was unhappy with his sister’s interfaith marriage.


According to the remand report India Today has accessed, Nagaraju's murder was pre-planned and the accused used mobile spyware to track and locate him.

On the day of the murder, the accused tried to kill Nagaraju outside the car showroom where he worked, but missed him due to the traffic.

The accused had performed the marriages of two of his elder sisters and his third sister's (Sultana) marriage was awaited. The accused, Mubeen, planned to get married after Sultana's wedding.


The remand report states that when the accused discovered that his younger sister was in love with Nagaraju, he admonished and beat her. On January 30, at around 8 pm, she left the house without intimating anyone.

The brother, Mubeen, reportedly came to know a day before their wedding that his sister had changed her name from Ashreen Sultana to Pallavi.

Upon knowing this, he had insisted that Nagaraju leave his sister, but they both refused to do so.


As a result, he developed a grudge against Nagaraju and hatched a plan along with his other brother-in-law, Masood Ahmed, to kill Nagaraju.

Mubeen, the accused, obtained Nagaraju’s phone number from his sister’s mobile phone. Thereafter, he tracked Nagaraju’s location using the “Find My Device” app and found his location was near Saroornagar.

On May 4, he called his other brother-in-law, Mansoor Ahmend, and told him to come to Saroornagar.


Then, he took an iron rod and a knife with him and went to Miyapur on a bus. Masood Ahmed reached that place on his Bajaj Chetak scooter. Both met at Miyapur, and from there, they proceeded to Saroornagar.


On the way, they searched for the exact location of Nagaraju and it showed that he was at the Maruti showroom where he worked. They waited for him till he completed his duty. From there, the two of them followed him, but they missed him due to traffic.

Again, Mubeen searched for his location, and it showed that he was at Saroornagar.

Immediately, they rushed to the spot and found Nagaraju and Ashreen Sulthana coming in the opposite direction on a Honda Unicorn bike.

They obstructed the couple, and the two men together beat Nagaraju with an iron rod on his head. Then, Nagaraju fell to the ground.


His wife, Sultana, tried to fight off the attacker, her brother Mubeen, but he roughly pushed her away. This was recorded by a bystander, who shot a video of the attack. Sultana got up and rushed at the attackers, who were hacking away at Nagaraju.

They were grappling with each other and visuals show her begging the men to stop attacking her husband.

However, the accused beat Nagaraju on his head with an iron rod indiscriminately around four to five times and stabbed him with a knife. After confirming his death, they fled from the spot.


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