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In a virtual meeting, NRIs supported KCR’s decision to enter national politics.

Amid reports of the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi’s (TRS) possible national foray, Telangana NRIs across the world unanimously passed a resolution in support of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao's decision to enter national politics. Telangana NRI coordinator B Ganesh moved a resolution showing NRI's support for the TRS supremo and KCR's entry into national politics in a virtual meeting attended by NRIs from various countries.

Before the launch of the national party - Bharatiya Rashtra Samithi (BRS) by the TRS chief, all the NRIs welcomed KCR's foray into national politics in the meeting and a resolution was passed in this regard.

NRIs expressed their views on this occasion. They said that “India's development would be possible only under the leadership of KCR”. On the lines on which Telangana is moving towards rapid development, NRIs said that the “country is confident of qualitative change”. KCR's leadership is essential to take India towards development.

NRIs also said that India is a land of natural resources but successive governments have failed to utilize them to achieve the goals of development. The central government has no agenda to discuss in Parliament except to incite religious issues.

NRI leader Mahesh said, “KCR may take over the state executive of TRS and officially announce his entry into national politics”. The name of TRS will be changed to BRS in the meeting to be held on June 19. He emphasised launching a campaign under the leadership of KCR to educate all the NRIs living in different countries about the growth and development that took place in the state of Telangana.

UK's Anil Kurmachalam said, “India has registered low growth under BJP rule. KCR has fixed things in just 7 years in Telangana, which was completely destroyed in united Andhra Pradesh”. He expressed hope that India would progress at jet speed like Telangana.

Rajesh, an NRI from Sydney, Australia, said that the NRI had appealed to KCR four years ago to enter national politics. His NRI wing will extend full support to KCR's new political journey in national politics.

UK's D Ashok emphasised qualitative change in India. The central government is giving valuable public assets to corporate companies. Big changes in India will be possible only under the leadership of KCR.

Malaysian NRI Chitti Babu said that it is a happy moment that a strong leader, KCR, is entering national politics.

G Nagaraju of South Africa said, “Congress and BJP ruled the country but there was no qualitative change. It is high time that the Telangana development model should be implemented in the country. KCR will take the country towards a progressive path and the national party will be launched”.

Representative of Kuwait NRIs Abhilasha said that Indian NRIs are struggling hard because of the policies of BJP. Only KCR will make India number one in the world, like Telangana, which has achieved the top position in development.

Qatar's Sridhar welcomed KCR's decision to enter national politics. “The political moves of Prime Minister Narendra Modi tarnished India's reputation. KCR will erase the 'Boycott India' notion created by the present rulers,” said Sridhar.

Mahipal from Oman and Satish from Bahrain gave their full support to the motion in support of KCR's entry into national politics. It is a proud moment that the leaders of Telangana will soon lead India.

Krishna Prasad of Singapore expressed concern that the Indian system was completely destroyed after caste and religion played a significant role in the political system. The existing national parties have failed. He said that KCR will soon bring a big political change in the country.

Canada's Krishna and China's Ravinder also supported KCR’s entry into national politics.

Afroz Khan of Qatar said that overseas Indians in Gulf countries are suffering from the BJP's religious politics. The time has come to bury political parties promoting religion.


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