Tight Slap is one of the foremost and informative platform about today’s current affairs. The importance of news media has played a remarkable role in molding the general public mind's perspective, vibrantly leading a path to discover the true investigation of social, historical, political, religious, and spiritual events. We are living in a world of most diversified socially engaged society inhabiting in this environment of rapidly growing technological advanced cities. The account of collecting the detailed reporting of incidents and broadening the roots of awareness to reach out to the viewers or readers is very vital in these generations of 24/7 live electronic media.

Since the decades of eloquent revolution of mass communication and journalism, the seeds of strong penchant among the people have grown alarmingly, to be well aware of every incident happening around the cities, within the guided framework of wellS interpreted, traditional style guide of anchoring and hierarchical order of expressing views or opinions on T.V., social media and elsewhere. This had overall caused to earn popularity and bragged the interest of the wide audience.

That is why Tight Slap being an independent news agency in Hyderabad, this time has been established for the purpose of providing you the most appealing, distinguished and sensational news on many discussed topics.