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The issue of the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan was raised in the United Nations Security Council High-level open debate where representatives from various countries urged for the providing aid in Afghanistan, reported the Khamma News Agency.

The agency on Friday said that the representatives of the countries, including Russia, the UK, Pakistan, India, Qatar and Switzerland, mentioned the humanitarian crisis and expressed concern over the number of people needing aid.

The UK ambassador to the UN, Barbara Woodward, said that the Secretary-General’s New Agenda for Peace called for reviving multilateral collaboration and placing women, like those in Afghanistan who must choose between selling their children or going hungry, at the forefront of peace initiatives.

The Russian representative using the forum blamed the United States and its allies' actions for the most severe food crises in Afghanistan, reported The Khaama News Agency.

Dmitry Polyanskiy, Russia’s first deputy permanent representative to the UN said, “For example, Afghanistan has been struggling to climb out of the abyss of hunger and poverty for over 20 years because of the experiments carried out by the United States-led coalition to democratize this deeply traditional country in a Western fashion”.


Pakistan's Deputy permanent representative to the UN, Aamir Khan informed that 117 million of the 258 million people who are food insecure live in 19 war and conflict zones and 15.3 million Afghans are expected to experience severe food insecurity, observed the Khaama News Agency.

“Pakistan will continue to support the 29 million Afghans in need of humanitarian assistance and to help revive Afghanistan’s economy,” he said.

Meanwhile, since the takeover of the Taliban administration, the group introduced the most restricted policies amid a dire humanitarian crisis that has left a financial impact, particularly on women, cites the Publication by The Khaama News Agency.

The report sums up that in a recent move, the group banned women’s beauty salons. As a result, more than 60,000 women employees who were prominent supporters of their families have lost their jobs.



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